Friday, April 18, 2014

Article in Spanish

Professor Anaclet Pons of the University of Valencia in Spain has translated my recent article on the history of decolonization in the Dutch East Indies, which first appeared at University of Exeter's Centre for Imperial and Global History. You can read the post in Spanish here.


  1. I am thinking a lot about Spanish today because of my South American friends and their attachment to Gabriel Garcia Marquez. But it is not a language I could ever read or write.

    So I wonder if your intense sentences can be translated with the same political, historical and ethical nuances eg "as a member of Parliament he had supported the call for a full-scale investigation into Dutch atrocities. However, once appointed minister, he quickly changed his mind. He now claimed that such research would bring harm to our relationship with Indonesia. And that is not in the Dutch interest. In other words, business comes before coming to terms with Dutch decolonization

    1. Hi Hels, It is indeed a sad time for world literature.
      I have no idea if my sentences can be translated well, as I too do not read Spanish :-)

    2. I can assure you that your article has been correctly translated in spanish, but I understand also that, as usual, a previous background understanding of the context is a bonus for a casual reader.

      - Olivier (a "french reader" of A.Pons blog) -