Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Reflecting Venice

Last month I spent a few days in Venice, city of stone and water.

Peter Ackroyd has written (Venice: Pure City, Vintage Books, 2010), that "there has been a continuing association between Venice and the mirror".

View of Venice

 Ackroyd also writes: "Venice seems to have no foundations except reflections. Only its reflections are visible".

View of Grand Canal

Nineteenth century American writer W. D. Howells wrote of Venice: "Never did a city seem so dream-like and unreal".

Portrait of Liz

Rilke agreed: "this dream like city."

At the Biennale


  1. I love Venice and would live there in a heart beat, but I wonder how much of the hype, from medieval times on, was due to Venice's own spin doctors. Think of the ceremonies out on the water, the gondolas and their gondoliers, the doge and his stunning costumes.. not to mention the architecture.

  2. Hello, your fotos are great and I, too, Love Venice.Your article also made me think of a book I enjoyed very much by Salley Vickers "Mrs Garnet's Angels".
    Very best regards Martina

    1. Hi Martina,
      I like Sally Vickers but haven't read that book. But I will. Thanks for the tip.