Sunday, May 6, 2012

Zurich City

Since 2006 Zurich is consistently rated among the top two cities of the world for its quality of life. The survey is carried our by Mercer consultants of London. The rankings are based on 39 criteria divided over 10 categories, including things like: availability of musical and theatrical perfromances, quality of water and air, access to nature and recreational facilities, level of crime and freedom of expression. Many governments and corporations use Mercer's Quality of Living Survey in order to determine the level of renumration to be paid to those destined for hardship posts. Being sent to Zurich certainly does not qualify as a hardship posting.

In 2011 Zurich was again rated number 2, with two other Swiss cities in the top ten.  Switzerland may not be at the top  when it comes to things like football, but when it comes to making their city's livable, no other country performs so well. This film clip might be a piece of propaganda, but it does give an impression of what makes this city so livable.


  1. Spouse and I only had 3 days in Zurich, so we ran round like demented tourists. Hard to know which places I loved the most - Swiss National Museum, Museum of Art, Kunsthaus, Fraumunster, Grossmunster, Opera House etc etc. And I surprised myself by loving the Museum of Design.

  2. I hope you'll let me know the next time you'll be in town Hels. I can at least give you my personalized walking tour of the city.