Monday, May 30, 2011

Can art change the world?

Can art change the world?  Maybe it can.


  1. Hello:
    What an amazing video clip which has brought us into contact with an artist previously unknown to us. What makes the work so very effective is, we feel, the scale of each of the projects where a single piece is larger than life and so is arresting, and demands attention, for that reason alone. Additionally, there is of course the professionalism of the images, the carefully chosen subject matter, and their placement.

    This artist appears to us as a successor to someone like Keith Haring or Banksey, but working in a different medium. In all cases it is accessible art which by its nature is of and for the people. We, personally, applaud it.

  2. Incredible what one person/team can do. How do we get more of this in the world, I wonder. (But I guess that's the big question!)

  3. Thank you for your comments Jane and Lance, and Chris. Yes, it reminded me of Banksey too. I wish I had a brilliant idea like JR's.