Saturday, August 28, 2010

Annie Leonard's The Story of Cosmetics

Annie Leonard's The Story of Stuff has become a widely viewed video attacking our culture of consumerism.  Now she has created The Story of Cosmetics, in which she takes the cosmetics or beauty industry to task for their cynical manipulations and unethical trade practises.  Personally, I find the industry's trageting of young girls particularly reprehensible.  You can also read my review of Harvard's Geoffrey Jones' uncritical study of the history of the Beauty Industry.


  1. I love the video form for this information.

    Stacy Malkan published a book - Not just a Pretty Face - in 2007, with all the same information and more. I actually used the Safe database to check out the products I use(d) and was amazed - and have made significant changes.

    I did a post about it in June and was very surprised at the consumer apathy of some commenters. Companies can only get away with this toxic loading because so many continue to buy the products and buy into the advertising.

    Also read your excellent review of the Jones' book.

  2. Thanks Chris. And thanks for the reference to Stacy Malkan.